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Being a supportive ally

Business, marketing, and money magic

Puzzling and movies and who knows what else (okay, maybe not this one so much... but MAYBE!)

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About Sally A. Mercedes

I'm really excited to offer an opportunity for deepened connection, special access, and more insular community to all of you who have been so supportive of me, my work, my gifts, and the messages I'm committed to living and sharing. Woot!

For those who aren't familiar, Patreon allows you to make a monthly contribution to a creator (in this case, me) in support of their work. Depending on the dollar amount you pledge, you'll receive access to a certain reward or multiple rewards. Because, FUN!

I have cleansed and blessed this space, ensuring that every dollar invested is powerfully spent and sent back your way through epic magic and miracles.

And, if you'd rather make a one-time contribution to support me and my work (without all the juicy benefits listed here), you can always PayPal me. Whatever feels good and honoring to you!
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