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  • Access to the Patreon posts, in which I will post about an upcoming project once I start working on it. I will also post updates on editing occasionally and show possibilites for thumbnails and whatnot. This can range from a few days before to a few weeks before the project is actually uploaded.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and every amount is appreciated, no matter how small!

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  • I will post a weekly update video every Monday, explaining in detail any upcoming projects, difficulties, or a multitude of other things!
  • Access to all Patreon posts from the Koopa Tier.
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  • At the beginning of every Let's Play series, there will be a credits roll of all Bowser Tier supporters, in order of highest amount pledged to lowest amount pledged. If you don't want to be included on the list, please message me on Patreon or on Twitter!
  • Everything included in the previous tiers!




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About Salmence100

Hello! My name is Robert, and I make videos on YouTube!

I've been creating gaming content for 8 years now, over this time I've uploaded over 2000 videos to my channel, consisting of Let's Plays and the occasional song performance or vlog. Not only that, but I also stream weekly on my Twitch Channel.

Over my time on YouTube I've created over 60 complete Let's Plays! My most popular content tends to be Let's Plays of various Super Mario 64 rom-hacks, such as Kaizo Mario 64 or Last Impact. My other series include other Nintendo series such as Kirby: Planet Robobot or Earthbound. I also branch out to other non-Nintendo series, such as Portal 2 or Bastion.

I also run a co-operative channel with NeoDarkraiTV and TheGamingGuru51 called The Let's Play Brigade. On this channel we play multiplayer games together and race against each other in one-player games, like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and 100% Orange Juice.

Before now, I had not accepted any donations or had any way to support the channel, however with Patreon I will finally have a way to do that while also providing rewards in return!

Thank you so much if you decide to support me! And even if you don't, my content on YouTube will always be available and free!

- Robert <3
$75 of $100 per month
If we reach this, I'll finally finish the trilogy, Kaizo Mario 3!
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