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About Salted Voices VA

Hello everyone! It is I, Salted Voices! I am of a small percent of inspiring hobbyist voice actors out there! My channel shoes what my friends, what PEOPLE can do with their sounding of voice to create greatness in this world! I do SOME voice acting, but I just mostly let the people have their chance to finally voice act! I had a dream once, only nine years old and I instantly knew I wanted to be a voice actor! To get to the point, I enjoy voice acting, so why shouldn't anybody else?!
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Nothing more than a simple goal! Once I hit 10$, I will start uploading comics more often and get off my lazy bum to get more comic dubs released! Anybody who has contributed to this goal or a Patreon will get to see previews of the upcoming video and if you pay more than only a dollar a month you can get to see the FULL video preview a day BEFORE it's uploaded!

More information will be within the patreons! --->
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