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About Lindsay

On hold indefinitely
Thank you so much for your support, but the Samanayrs Patreon campaign is currently on hold indefinitely. Free Samanayr events are still taking place at the forum if you'd like to be involved!

Samanayrs are what's known as a virtual pet, cyberpet, or adoptable. They're part roleplaying game, part collectable, and part cute original art, not to mention a lot of fun! Samanayrs exist mainly as images online, however in some cases the owners get the original drawings too.

Each Samanayr is a unique miniature work of art, drawn and colored by hand. There are almost 2000 individual Samanayrs, and counting! I first began Samanayrs in 1999 and don't see myself stopping anytime soon!

The community surrounding Samanayrs is absolutely amazing - they've kept me going over the years! I feel truly lucky to have met so many creative, interesting, friendly, and fun individuals who I can share my work with. If you decide to join the community and help support Samanayrs you're in for a great time!

Nope! Contributing is completely optional and just gets you some fun perks. Almost all Samanayr events are completely free - the only thing you need to spend is time!

Just drop by the forum and register for an account! The friendly Samanayr community is happy to answer any questions you might have, or if you want to jump right in pay the Events and Availability board a visit to see what events are open!

The website also has basic information and a searchable database of adopted Samanayrs.

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that supports ongoing creative endeavors. Unlike sites such as Kickstarter, where you're helping to fund a specific single project, Patreon allows you to contribute as long as the creator is producing content.

For the Samanayrs campaign, you can decide how much you would like to contribute for every two months that we're active. When I am active, your payment method will be charged your contribution amount at the end of every second month. You're not charged if I'm not doing Samanayr things!

In return for your support, in addition to helping keep Samanayrs alive and well, you'll also receive perks based on the amount of your bi-monthly contribution. There's also milestone goals for the total amount I receive from everybody which affect the entire community. Exciting!

Patrons who donate any amount will also be entered in a draw for a Samanayr every two months. June and July's draw Samanayr is this Minayr stallion with more than a touch of spring and summer about him!

I'm Lindsay, also known as Sushidragon. Besides playing with Samanayrs, I enjoy drawing, reading, cooking, jogging very slowly, and spending time with my little family. I have two young sons who keep me very very busy!
$200 of $200 per two months of Samanayrs
The monthly free draw returns! Semi-custom, custom, breeding, or frankens, at least 3 winners every month.
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