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$1 per month grants you access to the patrons-only blog, where I will post research, works in progress stills/videos, and just generally keep you up to date about where your hard-earned cash money is going. You will also be eligible to participate in any patrons-only collaborations and raffles for non-digital pieces of work.
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$3 per month grants you access to the patrons-only blog, collaborations and raffles, plus a personal, hand-written thank you note delivered to your door.
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$10 per month grants you all of the above perks, plus I will throw in one of the following:

  • Free Photo Edit
    • Send me any one image to fix up for you for free
  • Email Critique/Correspondence
    • One email correspondence wherein we can talk about a project that you are working on or you can ask me specific questions about myself or my work.*

*I'm pretty much an open book, but I do reserve the right to refuse to answer any personal questions I find inappropriate.




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 Who I Am: 
I'm a multidisciplinary new media artist with a background in filmmaking currently located in Seattle, WA. My work is largely conceptual, exploring themes such as identity, abstraction, the boundary and relationship between performance and performer, and the subjectivity of time and space through the use of data visualization, data sonification, video art, sound art, photography, and multimedia installations. My goal is to create sensory and thematic works that stimulate the brain and speak directly to the audience's personal experiences.

video projection, kiln-fused plate glass, window curtain
artist statement

In my spare time, I read, watch films, sew, study science and history, and collect and  sell vintage clothing. You can often find me hanging out with my partner-in-crime and our dog at home, out for a walk, thrift-shopping, or finding the best cafes to get chai tea.

 Why Patreon: 
Patreon is different than other crowd-funding platforms, in that it's designed to support a creative individual's entire body of work instead of pledging money toward one large project. In other words, it's bringing back the old-school patronage system of the arts that kept most (if not all) of your favorite artists throughout history clothed and fed and out of the gutters, and updating it for the 21st century. I have high hopes for this platform, and hope you will join me in creating a community of like-minded individuals driven to keep the arts alive for everyone who desires to take a part in it. All patrons will have access to the patrons-only blog where you will get special sneak peaks of all of the work that goes into every project.

With your support, I will be able to spend more time sharpening skills I already have, such as:


Cinemagraph from a series entitled "Masks"

 Computer Programming/Sound Synthesis

 Motion Graphics 

Animation still from a concept in progress

Short clip of a work in progress

 Glassmaking (really!)

...and add new ones like Arduino, projection mapping, VFX, and different mediums of sculpture (wax, ceramics, metal, fiber, etc).

 Why Monthly:
It's simple really; donating per project would not sustain me or my art practice. The most important part of my work is the tremendous amount of conceptualizing and prototyping I have to do before there is ever a physical representation of it. Without monthly patronage, I will have to continue seeking paying work elsewhere. This means that my talents are being tightly constrained by the necessity of freelancing for things that eat away at precious development time, which is where my art really exists.

Eventually, your patronage will allow me to develop larger experimental audio/visual installations and performance pieces using these skills. Patrons at or above the $100 per month level will receive invitations to special VIP showings of these events (don't worry non-local VIPs--you won't get left out of the party!) and special commemorative gifts. All patrons will be able to take part in the development of each of these larger projects.

See below for the complete list of perks for each pledge level:
$0 of $100 per month
At $100 per month, I will buy an Arduino kit and use it as a tutorial for one of my $25 patron hangouts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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