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About Samantha Sessions Live

Samantha is a couch that I purchased at a garage sale for $10. We put her in the truck and from that day she has been transformed into a multimedia platform for artists to express their voice.
We called it Samantha Sessions.

But now.. we are turning Samantha into a community. And that community starts with you.

On July 19th, 2019 we will be holding what is called Samantha Sessions Live. An immersive visual arts experience with live musical performances, experimental video elements, and Q&A's with our artists.

The experience will consist of food vendors, a full bar, booths with merchandise and other goods, and of course the main stage where the audience will spend most of their time. That is where we will hold our many live musical performances and immersive video elements.

The goal of this festival is to take the next large step towards creating a community and a movement of free-thinkers, artists, and creatives who simply want to be themselves and create from that spirit. It is a movement like this that has the power to change the world!

- Jake Williams (CEO)

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Ottomans are the entry-level patrons. This is for any kind-hearted individual who simply wants to see this come to life! But you will also receive:

  • A monthly behind the scenes look into our production process
Arm Chairs
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Arm Chairs make up the 2nd tier:

  • Month-to-Month behind the scenes
  • 10% discounted tickets
  • 10% discount to merchandise
Love Seats
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Love Seats make up the 3rd Tier:

  • Month-to-Month behind the scenes
  • 30% discounted tickets
  • 30% discount on custom clothing
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Sectionals are the ULTIMATE patrons. For those of you who have the means to give a large amount of resources:

  • Everything listed above plus...
  • 1 free ticket
  • 1 free piece of our custom clothing

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