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About Sam-Architect

Hi my name is Sophoat. samphoas channel is my wife's name.

I am a local architect from Cambodia.

I was born in Siem Reap Angkor 1982.
I have finished my university since 2005.
2005 I worked for a construction company it paid me not well. I drew 4 house plans per month it really hard work with that salary. But I still learned hard to improved my skill.
After 5 years with that company I improved so much, I have started working with an architect firm with paid me better.

Until now I saw Patreon I hope I could make little extra money to support my daughter school fees.

Thank for your support.

To be my patron you just spend only 1$ to get one of my plans.

My software skills: 

Contact me on
$77 of $100 per creation
I am going to work hard to reach my goals.
Please help support me.
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