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About Samantha Darcy

What is the Adventurer's Fashion Primer?
Please, imagine the world’s most magnificently dressed elven ranger.

Hello. I’m Mahon.

What do you picture me wearing?

Are you grasping for words, or placing me in some sort of gauche, Robin-Hoodian hat?

Do you instead fret at a lack of sensible details… like my colors and the occasion?

Then, allow me to introduce the Adventurer’s Fashion Primer: the beautiful answer to all your questions.

But, perhaps you ask… why fashion?

Fashion is a society’s language. With a single glance, you can weigh a crowd’s decadence. Pragmatic choices made by common people give insight into their lives, values, and desires. Even hidden tyrants might unintentionally reveal themselves through the pompousness of a religion’s robes or military’s uniforms.

Fashion is a means of personal expression. It can help you proclaim your suitability as a friend, lover, or spouse. One small color or symbol can cautiously declare your truest self to all who both see and know. A gradual or sudden shift hints at internal changes… from deepening dysphoria, to transcendent joy.

Fashion is a learned skill and instinct. It’s shaped by your environment, but the rules are always changing. Envisioning and accurately describing the garments of past eras poses a considerable challenge. Trying to imagine how history’s fashions could shift with the existence of magic, the influence of strange creatures, and within completely fictional cultures…?

Well. “Challenging,” seems too small a word.

The Primer provides the tools and knowledge needed to tackle this Mahonian task.

Each fully illustrated and annotated chapter delves into a major article of clothing, such as doublets, dresses, and footwear. You’ll find engaging historical context, including how available materials, techniques, and attitudes all shaped the apparel’s evolution.

While that alone might make for a full and informative tome… it only scratches the surface of what Could Be.

How might attire incorporate draconic scales, permanent illusions, or necromantic leather Would deities keep priestly garb selfishly static? What could the fey possibly find fashionable?

We have exciting plans for the future, and we hope to answer those questions, and more, together!

..And, if you’re incredibly lucky… you’ll even find out what I’m wearing.

Mahon (Your AFP Muse.)


I'm Samantha Darcy, a TTRPG artist and possible fey being. I take commissions (though they are currently closed) and am working on a book tentatively titled the Adventurer's Fashion Primer.

"What's that?" you are thinking.


My idea behind the AFP is simple enough - give people the resources they need to talk about fashion and clothing in their D&D/TTRPG settings. Each chapter begins with the history of the garment in question - the actual, real-life history - a bit of context, information about the fabrics and construction, and then begins the ART. Every garment will be fully illustrated and annotated. They will start with the most basic version and go on to more elaborate and fantastical variations. This book is clocking in at about 180 pages, and, when the Kickstarter launches, there will be optional stretch goals that could add even MORE content. It will be informative AND beautiful.

And Who are You?

Crafted from only the finest twigs and glamours, Samantha Darcy was well-nurtured in exchange for her father’s freedom. She was beloved by all her neighbors, though her presence would frighten the livestock and cause the room to chill. The families would vie for her attention on the hot summers’ days, and found they preferred the taste of soured milk. Samantha saw her first artistic inspiration behind their straining smiles, and delighted in drawing all their prettiest nightmares.

An illustrator for tabletop roleplaying games, Samantha has risen far above those humble beginnings. She has contributed to works both great and small, including Dragon+ magazine from Wizards of the Coast, the Uncaged Anthology, Rolled & Told, and countless commissions. She currently labors on the Adventurer’s Fashion Primer, a book sorely needed by creatures of every type.

Samantha lives in a tower of toadstools and teeth, located somewhere in the strange wilds of Indiana. She dwells there with her loving husband — a musical clockwork filled with bartered voices, and their darling son — who she made herself, using only the finest twigs and glamours.

- Biography Contributed by Stephen Rowe
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