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About Samin Ghiasi

Hi everyone, 

I'm a freelance photographer specialised in portrait, and food photography in London, UK. Recently I've been also travelling quite a lot to master a field that I really enjoyed already practicing n my spare time which is landscape/nature/wildlife photography. And videography is something I'm having fun with too!

I'm also on the other hand a consultant as a creative director, and I manage clienteles for their editing, colouring and retouching for their businesses(brands, photographers etc). All the aspect of post-production. I've been lucky enough to freelance now for quite awhile. 

So what is Patreon? It is simply a platform that helps people like me help you with an income. Which means I can get better everyday, and your content you subscribe too as well. 

Thank you for joining me here, and I hope sharing my experience would be beneficial to you. I'm here to help and guide as much as possible within my capacity as a creative photographer. Your support is vital for this channel to survive, and I'm very thankful that :)

If you do have any enquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch,

Have a nice day,
Samin x

(More about me and portfolio/all social medias links:
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My goal here is to help other photographers get better at what they do. Or simply beginners who have lots of questions - all levels are welcome. Don't be shy!

It takes time to prepare, overview and make sure my advises and reviews are accurate and that takes me away from my daily job/life as a photographer. This goal set would help support that gap, and give me encouragement to continue.

Please know that I will for most not sugar coat anything, but make sure you understand and feel elevated with useful and practical tips/advises. All the informations are coming from a professional photographer that is me, I have 10-11 years experience in the industry that I would like to put into use as a coach, but I'm not a photography teacher. I just review your images and give you my best opinion that I hope will be valuable to you. It's tailored, and unique. 

I want to see you get better everyday and encouraged to pursue photography! Make sure the questions you ask and the work you will send to me is well thought as this would help me help you better.

On my side all these research will help me grow too, and hopefully a beautiful community of photographers/friends can be also be born.
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