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is creating a Psychic Medium Crypto Hobby Channel

About Samantha Jane James

Samantha Jane has been studying the crypto realm, since early 2017. After a successful, extensive career running her own franchise, for over 25 years, SJ sold her business and retired in the early half of 2018. She decided to develop her Gift further, in order to help others expand their horizons, ideas and more importantly, find a place with like minded individuals who can support each other in their personal growth. She believes she was directed to work with crypto currencies, something SJ had become passionate about. This channel was started with the specific purpose of creating a Hobby Channel with people who are excited and interested in both crypto currencies and psychic phenomenon. Samantha Jane is a natural-born psychic medium working towards understanding and learning some command over her Gift.  She has chosen to do this through her new passion, crypto currencies.Through hosting this hobby channel and practicing her Gift Sam believes she can assist others in gaining clarity. Whether that is in their personal lives, spiritual lives or dealing with crypto currencies,  SJ believes you can also have fun as the group works together to spot predictions that are finally coming true, from previous Live Streams uploaded, for those who missed it, after the stream is done. Remember, Sam works anonymously so please don't post any information on her whereabouts or personal identity since this anonymity is currently the only way SJ is willing to work, for now. Currently, Sam is doing personal readings. For more information, contact Trisha at [email protected] .
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100% complete
Will purchase a Go Pro type body cam to wear out while Samantha Jane goes through her daily life when many of her impromptu readings take place (for free of course as nobody has any idea she is a Medium where she lives). Whether having a walk in the park, and making predictions with strangers that come true within 30 seconds, or talking to someone at a retail store who needs to be connected with a loved one who passed, now Sam can get it ALL on video and post it in the library!! Samantha Jane is always respectful of the individual and only posts videos that has been approved by all person involved!
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