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About Colton and Sophie

Samson and Echo is a web-comic storybook fusion written by Sophia Masinelli and illustrated by Colton Lavely. It tells the story of a young girl who creates and delivers flower arrangements named Samson, and a boy who can't speak beyond repeating what he has heard others say. Samson and Echo is set in a whimsically spooky world where a mouse can be twice the size of a person, people meld into furniture, and monsters lurk around every corner.

Besides thinking its funny that Patreon profiles can't handle including 2 poeple, we've come to Patreon because we think that its the perfect platform for this beast we've created. We want nothing more than to make more pages and new stories all day, but life likes to get in the way of that. If we can even hit a few of our goals we can start to turn Samson and Echo into something that more closely resembles our vision. We can foster and involve a community and we can expand our world by having more time to make Samson and Echo, and the other stories we have in our heads. Join us in this journey, and try not to think about the monsters. 
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