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I make YouTube videos also my name is Samuel (You can call me Sam). So I see you read the about/description part well you are in for a treat my friend! :) First like, comment and subscribe on the latest Jailbreak video for a free 30,000 value Jailbreak Vault safe!

Disclaimer: We make sure this is fair and we go for the comments with the most likes to read.
Make sure to put your Roblox username below so I can send the vault safe to you.

Donate if you would like to join my Discord server and get a rank by donating 20 dollars, pounds euros or whatever you have for this privilege...

Another #BORING Disclaimer (Must Read):
Please do not be a salty camper cop spamming me L's if you are a donator.
Donators of 20 moneyz or more get to be on my Roblox Friends list.
None of this stuffz
L LL LL L L LLL L L L L L LL L L SIT DOWN, not acceptable.... I can give you L's xD just no saltyness. :)

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I really want to raise $250 so I can upgrade my RAM for less laggy videos or even buy Camtasia 9 to continue editing my videos! :)
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