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I am a student at Austin Community College, a Youtube Creator, and an Entrepreneur. 

My journey started out when I was fifteen years old. I was clinically obese, at almost 300 lbs, and on my way to the grave. After the doctor I saw told me I needed to take action, I put myself on the path to reclaiming sovereignty over my health and wellbeing. This process of reclamation has confronted me with many things from my past and where that might take me in the future. The addictive behaviors that got me to that place of suffering would persist for a long time after I made changes and at one point would completely alter my life for the better but first led to me taking lots of different drugs.

I had conquered the realm of my body but the symptoms just moved somewhere else. This meant that I was not addressing the issue at the source. My obesity was gone but physical activity was not enough. This abuse of substances led to a series of panic attacks where I was confronted with my own death and with the reality as it is not how I'd like it to be. These near death experiences showed me how I was destroying my relationship to substances. The process of not developing optimal relationships with the things in my life potentiated my own individual awakening. It has led me to believe that we have been, collectively, swindled out of the process of potentiating our ultimate energetic experience as human beings. The only thing I could relate it to is when Neo is unplugged from the matrix and sees the desert of the real. He sees that we are all being harvested for our energy to fuel the machine mind system, which is not so different from what goes on today. It is because of this fact that, before you can truly excel towards your dream existence, you must de-program or unlearn that you have been told or indoctrinated into.

This is one of many realizations I came to along the path of awakening to the life I had been living. This process is still unfolding for me and it doesn't seem as though it will be slowing down anytime soon. What I want to do is help others potentiate the process for their ultimate existence. I want to bring as many genuine people along this journey as I can so that we can create a better world through individual energetic empowerment and liberation.

I have chosen to work with Patreon as my main revenue stream because I believe in its capacity to fund creators through the power of community. With Patreon, the value of my work is determined by its impact it has on people's lives, not by how well you sell products. This what inspires me, and others like me, about it.

By supporting my fulltime investment you are getting me one step closer to achieving a life of true fulfillment, doing what I love and helping others do the same. When I reach my first funding goal, I will be able to redirect my revenue towards increasing the quality of my content and furthering our community towards achieving our ultimate collective experience.

By funding this Patreon, you also enable me to live the life I dream so deeply to live, which is giving people access to the information they need to live their life to the fullest, specifically through my youtube channel.

The demand for money to live means that I must sell my time to get the essentials I need to live. Crowdfunding is one way to do this. By funding this Patreon, you provide the kindling needed to light the fire of my ultimate life experience. This enables me to sell my time and experience for the good of all.

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to consider me and what I do. You can read more about what I do below!

My Regards,


Alpha Energetics Videos

The Alpha Energetics video series is dedicated to expanding people's awareness about the human experience and what we all have access to.

Just like in the podcast, I cover topics from spirituality, psychedelics, energetics, synergetics; to history, philosophy, conspiracies; to holistic health and wellness---------and beyond.

My primary goal with these videos is to introduce and explore concepts about the underlying processes that ignite your full and complete potential here in this world. 

My Podcast

The Becoming Alpha Podcast is a conversation based show that is released in video format on Youtube using google hangouts. 

The topics of my podcast range from spirituality, psychedelics, energetics, synergetics; to history, philosophy, conspiracies; to holistic health and wellness------and beyond.

My primary goal with the podcast is to introduce and explore bleeding edge concepts about the human experience and our place within it. This also entails curating guests who contribute to the progression and evolution of human experience and consciousness. 

What do I want for myself? 

To keep inspiring and creating.

I love creating content and products, exploring concepts, having deep conversations, and helping others, as well as myself, achieve fulfillment. This has become clear to me after doing it for so long and seeing the benefits my ideas have had to a small audience of friends and family.

More practically, I want to:
  • Create better content
    • setting the stage for higher quality content and any new endeavors I take on in the future
  • Continue Producing My Videos and Podcast 
    • this will help me get my message out to more diverse populations and also enable my podcast to be a platform for others to access other populations of individuals and further their success abroad.
  • invest in my education
    • I want to get my bachelor's degree in Business Administration
    • and also get a master in Ethnopharmacology

Last but not least...

I want to be able to live, within my means, completely supported by my fellow patrons

I can only achieve these goals if I work full time on these goals and to do so I must also earn a full-time income. So this is what I'm asking of the Patreon community. Support me in living fully so I can help others do the same. 

What do you get??

The Becoming Alpha Podcast, Alpha Energetics Episodes, and Sweet Merch Bruv!!

The idea for Patreon came from the practice of patronage where aristocrats would pay artists to make themselves and others creations. It was the first crowdfunding endeavor.

As a patron, you help me create:

  • Informative Videos to watch!
  • Baller Status Podcasts to absorb into your eye-holes!
  • Sweet Merch to Wear around to make errrbody jelly!
By supporting this Patreon, you contribute to the creation of content for your enjoyment while also getting the pleasure only possible from knowing you supported and endorsed an independent creator following their dreams!

Patrons receive special perks depending on the amount pledged each month. You can find out which each pledge tier gets you on the side of this page, but some of the special bits include

  • Access to individual live google hangout with yours truly ;)
  • Twitch meetups QA
  • Free swag.
  • And more.
Why this amount of money??

Earning a full-time income as a creative entrepreneur is my dream.

At $3,000 I can invest myself in this work full-time, afford to pay all my bills, and have enough left over to put towards my creations and future endeavors with Patreon.

This includes hosting/internet service fees, costs of upgrading, replacing or repairing technology, editing services, etc. It is impossible to separate living expenses from professional expenses. So this goal also includes, of course, my living expenses: rent, food, and utilities.

As patronage grows I will be able to increase my investments by:

  • Upgrading, replacing or repairing technology
  • Furthering my professional education 
  • Staying consistent with quality content
  • Putting money away for the future in the case of unpredicted medical expenses and/or the capacity to continue to follow my career

$0 of $200 per month
Once we accomplish our $200 goal I can invest in an HDMI Camcorder and a Studio Quality Microphone, thus enhancing your overall experience of my creations!
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