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is creating Film & TV Soundtrack Epic Orchestration
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About Samuel Kim Music

I create Epic Orchestration of my Film and T.V. Soundtracks adding unique arrangements.
Also I release original music.

Why your support is greatly appreciated!
I'm a full time Film and T.V. composer so I make these Epic Orchestration videos during my spare time I barely have so they are not the highest quality since I only spend maximum 6 hours total on these projects.
Most of the time Youtube claims these video so I barely make any money from it so the more support I can get through patreon, the more I can spend time creating.

Software I Use:
DAW: Cubase Pro 10, Logic Pro 9, Pro Tools , Vienna Ensemble Pro
Sample Library: Omnisphere, Audiobro, Cinesamples, Spitfire Audio, 8Dio and Much More!!!

$10 of $20 per month
$20 per video will cover the copyright licensing fees that allow me to put these songs up on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc.
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