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- My eternal thanks- $1 goes a long way!

- Access to my Patreon feed! You can see occasional WIPs and the high-res versions of my completed drawings!

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- Everything from the First Tier!

- A coloured bust sketch of any character each month, for as long as you pledge!

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About sanctimony

Welcome to my Patreon!
This will essentially be an elevated tip jar with a few perks here and there! My works usually entail anthropomorphic themes, but I will sometimes put out fanart or original content as well!

If you can't afford a monthly pledge, consider tossing me a tip?
Anything is greatly appreciated!

Please note that none of my fully finished work will be hidden by a pay-wall. Think of my Patreon page as an elevated tip jar of sorts! How it works is I will continue to post my finished works to my online art galleries as I have been. Art will be posted here first, un-watermarked, at a resolution much closer to the original size in comparison to what is uploaded to FurAffinity, deviantART, etc! This may also include a few doodles, WIPs, and sketches that never reach elsewhere! It's not much, but it's a nice way to show me a little extra support!

Thank you so much!
$9 of $25 per month
Upon reaching $25 per month, I will start doing both monthly patron-influenced drawings, and special patron-only streams once per month.
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