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Theater, holy shit!!!!!

Hi there! I'm an artist who started studying acting as a real need, not only as an incipient actress but as a person. I really wanted to know the human soul, I guess. In the meantime, I studied music and tried to learn to play jazz guitar. My acting career was on its way, and I used to perform as a singer too. Later, I graduated in Playwriting and Directing, and I started to create my own plays, and directing them. As a matter of fact, I barely can separate all my disciplines when I'm creating, and I try not to, because I consider that's exactly my personal style.

Nowadays, I write, direct, sing and perform (not always in the same show), but I like to direct as an actress, and act as a director. Writing is a special connection with something else I can't explain. And theater is something sacred for me.

I want to create plays that speak about life, vividly and clear. Plays that resound loudly inside people. 

My obsessive issues to speak of –or the subjects that gain my interest– involve otherness, family and relationships as a revolutionary act, gender and feminism, and inequality. And despite of all these tragedy and drama plots, one of my strongest is comedy. 

I have spent my whole life studying and growing better in my crafts. And I can't deny it. It's a need. I need to create the plays I write, because in some way I need to answer some questions. 

I graduated in Playwriting and then I won a scholarship to  study a Master Degree in Modern Languages with an specialization in Women Studies and my Master Thesis won XVIII Leonor de Guzmán Prize in Women Studies. Now, I'm a Phd student, while I create a new play and try to stay alive.

I really need your support to be able to do my work in a full-time basis. You don't need to be a king to be my patron. You can do it for a very little amount, and you'll be contributing to change my whole career. You can make it count. 

I'd really love to share my work with you, so you can be as excited as I am to keep going and create more! Because, we always need that exact time that we don't own to be better. To go through that difficult and impossible path that waits with more!

Please, walk with me!!!!

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When I reach $300 per month, I will be encouraged enough to know that I can keep working in the right direction, and I'll share and extract of what I'm working at every week.
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