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About Sangtao69

HIYA guys! Welcome to my Patreon Community! Just the fact that you're here tells me you've considered the time and effort that goes into making videos, so thank you for being here. I have some really big plans for the future, and I'm asking you to be a part of it all
Here in our Patreon community you can get MORE ACCESS to me, answers to your questions, unique community content, behind the scenes info, new videos, and cool/ fun stuff that I find interesting! By being a supporting member of this community, you'll help me create more consistent content while getting exclusive perks.
I'm so excited to use this platform to connect with you guys on a deeper level! This place is for those of you who want to help support what I’m doing and my mission!
If you're not familiar with Patreon, the concept is that you support a creator financially for each piece of valuable content they create for you.
I believe in this concept with all my heart. It's helping creators bring more value to the world by making it financially sustainable long-term.
1) To create more content that makes people laugh and eases the burden of daily life even for little moment each day.
2) To inspire confidence in people without the fear of being judged and to spread love and happy vibes.
Hi, I'm Sangtao69. I create funny, often weird and always bold comedy videos that you probably have seen somewhere on the internet. I love singing and dancing (especially in public) and want to share my love for such with all of you. Hopefully it brings a smile or laugh to you or at least causes a little-bit-of-air-out-of-your-nose type of laugh. Hopefully it lightens up your day. Maybe even inspire some of you to live more fearlessly and in the moment :)
I want to take our videos and movement to the next level. Right now it's just my girlfriend, Edith, and I working full-time on this. We want to continue making these videos for all of you but with Youtube and Facebook monetization not paying the bills, we could really use your support. If you would like us to continue going and growing, we NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
First off, your support will help us stay financially afloat while we continue to commit to making videos for you full-time. We also plan to increase the number of videos we put out per week as well as increase the production quality of our videos. We will start by hiring 1 or 2 employees to help take on some of the workload so that Edith and I can devote more time to CREATING MORE AND BETTER CONTENT each week. We also plan to upgrade our camera equipment so that you can really see the shock on people's faces IN DETAIL! MUHAHAHAHA :)
Also on top of supporting us and providing stability and safety for a show and genre that has been increasingly demonetized and targeted on Youtube we will be:
Taking our 2-3 days a week upload scheduleand getting the channel to 7 videos a week. We will continue to make the videos that you love but make MORE OF IT and also allow us to get more interesting footage in different places (maybe even your hometown!)
Launch a podcast and a new channel so that we can show you guys the behind the scenes funny moments that you guys don't get to see and all the cringe that goes with it haha. We have so much extra footage that we know you will love. A second channel would let us be more interactive with you guys. We plan on doing live chats with you guys during these streams.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: We think of you guys, #Sangtao69, as a family as well as a movement. More than anything we want to let you guys into our lives more and really hang with you. :)
Thank you for your support! I really does mean a lot to me. My family and I really appreciate it!
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