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Hello there,

I'm a Photographer and also a Pilot onboard a Boeing 767 flying around the world. And while I do that, I capture some of the greatest storms we've seen on this planet.

My images have been awarded by National Geographic, SONY and others. And I've been interviewed and featured in TIME, Weather Channel, BBC, CNN, etc. They've even appeared on NBC's TV Series Manifest.

But above all that, what really matters is what you feel when you look at each one of my images. I put all my efforts on bringing you the best views I experience but also in the best format and quality. Today's photographic equipment is capable of marvelous achievements in low light, airplane movement, high contrast, etc. but all comes at a price.

So, only if you feel my work is worthy, please consider supporting this project, so we can both see where this journey takes us over time. If not, no worries. Please keep enjoying my photographs, that's the main goal here.
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Gear Upgrade! To bring you the very best images from above, I need to deal with low light sceneries from a fast moving aircraft inside a shaky atmosphere in a confined space in the cabin. I will get a better lens which means I'll be able to capture more light in less time, generating better quality images minimizing noise and blur.
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