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Thank You! My Bronze Babies, your contributions matter so much to me! With this subscription you get:

-exclusive photos of upcoming shoots BEFORE they are released online. These photos will also never be posted to my social media so it's your only chance to see them.

- exclusive polls for upcoming cosplays 

-exclusive photo sets from cosplay shoots not posted to social media

-  1 entry into my monthly raffle for a 16 x 20 poster print of one of my cosplays! 

- Seasonal blog posts updating you on my personal life

- Semi-annual 5x7 giveaways! (Every January and July) 

Silver Kitties
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Thank You Silver Kitties! With this subscription you recieve: -everything from previous tiers 

-photos/videos of cosplay progress. 

-2 entries into my monthly raffle for a 16 x 20 poster 

- exclusive doop/silly photos of shoots not shared to social media

-Cosplay tips and tricks

- exclusive cosplay tutorials on wigs, makeup, and props 

-monthly blog posts updating you on my personal life

- Quaterly 5x7 Giveaways! (Every January, May, and September) 

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Thank You Gold Kitties! With this subscription you will receive: 

- everything from previous tiers  

- you can choose cosplays for upcoming polls in lower tiers

- Access to Original Character Backstories

-exclusive street clothing videos and photosets

-Let's Hangout! One hour group chat on google hangout each month..talking, watching anime or playing a game.

-Bi-Weekly Blog Posts updating you on my personal life 

-social media shout-outs on home-shoot cosplay photos

- Trimesterly 5x7 giveaways (Every January, April, July, and October) 




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About Sanura Cosplay

Hi I'm Sanura of Sanura Cosplay! I am an up and coming cosplayer in the Atlanta area and I love sharing my art with everyone. Currently, I am also a grad student, a social work intern, and have two jobs which anyone can imagine is a pretty strenuous life style (seriously, what is sleep?), so I have created this page in an attempt to gain extra support for my love of creating beautiful cosplay art. Currently, all of my cosplays are made mostly by me, and one of my goals is to hone the skills to make 100% of all of my costumes in the future. Naturally, this gets more expensive the more I delve into different techniques and skills; therefore, helping me invest in my art will give you the chance to say that you've helped me accomplish my goals and grow with me on this journey. I hope one day to own my own costume shop to give cosplayers more places to search for rare items. I also hope to one day be able to use what I make from cosplaying to give back to the community.

More About this Page:
If you are stopping by to become a patron then WHOO HOO thanks a lot! If you're just browsing and do not wish to become a patron that's okay too! Thanks for stopping by. My rewards may seem a little different than most because, although I have no problem with sexy shoots, I am a non-lewd cosplayer. This can get pretty hard, but is also challenging and rewarding to make sure you get your money's worth, so let me explain:

Notice something?
The higher you get within my reward tiers, the more of an intimate experience you will receive. Just browsing my page you know me as Sanura Cosplay, you may not even know my real name. With the $1 tier, you get a little bit more depth of my cosplay life by getting early access to photo shoot content, photo sets that are not posted to social media, and sneak peaks of upcoming cosplay. This is a little more than most, but barely scratching the surface. With the $5 tier, you get all of that plus insight into my cosplay creating processes including behind-the-scenes photos and videos of how I make things happen. With the $10 tier is where it gets a little more personal, this tier includes insight into ideas for my original characters that I cosplay, monthly group sessions in google hangouts, and also exclusive photo sets of my street-clothing fashion, giving you a clearer image of who I am outside of Sanura. With the $25 tier, you are able to get regular access to my inner thoughts and feelings which include blog posts as well as videos of me expressing myself or venting about what's going in my head at the moment. You are also able to have intimate talks with me on at least a monthly basis. Not only will you know my name, but the girl behind the name.
$0 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 a month, I will be able to afford dedicating more time to work on creating more elaborate cosplay content without it hurting me financially.
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