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  • Access to all art created for my works. Once we reach our goal of $50 dollars, I will be able to commission regular art for my stories which will be available to patrons at this tier
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  • When there are ten patrons supporting Sarah Can Write, I will begin to write and publish one short story a month - a story decided by my patrons! This package grants you the ability to send me whatever ideas you'd like to see on the page
  • The ability to vote on the prompts submitted by patrons for my monthly short story. The prompt with the most votes will be the short story I write for that month
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About Sarah Can Write

A place where you get to see all the stuff I write! 19yo, she/her, nerd, and shy introvert at your service.
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Let's get artsy!

I would love to have some art to accompany my works and I know someone who is perfect for the job! Of course, a great artist needs to be paid for their amazing abilities, and the more works I have, the more art I want, and the more money I need.

If we can get up to 50 dollars a month, I should have enough to commission my favourite artist for illustrations to accompany my works, whether it be for promos or scenes in the story.

Thank you all so much! I look forward to achieving this goal with you! <3
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