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About Sarah Jolley

Hey howdy hey- if you're reading this, odds are you've been reading my webcomic The Property of Hate or have seen some of my other work on tumblr. I'm a Cheshire-based cartoonist, and while I've previously worked as a storyboard artist for over three years I am taking the plunge to try and make my own work my main source of income, woo!

If you'd like to see some examples, please head over to my main website - there are lots of fun things to click on, amongst which there are animations, short illustrated stories, written works and individual art pieces but to name a few!

One of the larger incentives to start up this patreon is that, due to health reasons, I have been told that I cannot both draw for a professional living and do my own work outside of it. I would very probably shrivel up and die without being able to draw and write my own work, and consequntly the logical step is to endeavour to make my own work my professional living! There is also a rather real possibility that I will not be able to draw for the rest of my life, as the joints in my fingers are affected by the condition and will likely get worse as I age, so the sooner I can focus all my energy on completing my stories the more likely I will be able to before it gets to that point. I've been very lucky with the people who have helped and supported me thus far, and I can't imagine how I could have done as much as I have without my family and friends. This is the next chapter, and while it is a frighteningly big step it would be churlish to put aside what they have already given me without at least trying to make a go of it.

If I am able to reach minimum wage with Patreon, I will be able to commit 100% of my time to working on the stories you guys want to read! I will also be able to do more exercise to prevent my body from falling to pieces, and I will be able to plan research trips to make the art I create that much more accurate and pretty! I will also be able to structure my time more efficiently, so that when I'm taking a break from the comic I can write something instead, or put aside a few hours to do a livestream of my drawing process! I will also be providing step by steps of how I make some of my work, and if you support me you can always put in a request of what kind of pictures you would like to see a 'guide to' version of. Who knows! If all goes well I may be able to start visiting conventions in other countries, to visit you and give you access to physical copies of the work that you'll be helping me to make!

Please note that while most of my rewards will be posted as they occur, the larger rewards of the signed books and character cameos can only be received after payment due to the work required!
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Woah nelly! If I manage to make this much a month I will be fully independant! That means I can dedicate 100% of my life to working on the stories you want to read! I will also be able to do exercises and go to the gym more frequently, which is essential with the condition I have to avoid contracting nasty RSI things such as tendonitis; more exercise = less pain = more drawings for you! I will also be much more likely to update the comic more than once a week, hurrah!
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