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About sarah

Hello human friends! I'm a musician from Bowling Green, Kentucky. I make YouTube videos like original songs & cover songs. I've been making music since a young age, and I've recently started making music again more seriously after dropping out of grad school (sorry mam!) In the same stroke I started my current YouTube channel to pursue a journey of creative self-discovery. But really this just means, I BEEN MAKIN MUSIC.

At the moment, I've been umemployed for about half a year, and my creative ventures simply don't allow me to afford equipment/instruments to make my music and videos. The equipment I currently use was paid for straight out of my humble wallet. And although I am proud to have saved up for this equipment and am a big believer in using what you have, I would love to be able to create better quality content for you all! Because you are the people who enjoy what I do! I want to be able to give you the best quality I'm capable of, and time and equipment both play a large role in that level of quality. This sounds like a sales pitch but I pROmise I'm honestly broke lol

equipment (!!)
In the (near) future, I desperately need to acquire a new Mac laptop battery! My ultimate Patreon goal is to partially fund an entirely new Macbook or desktop Mac, because my trusty laptop that I'm currently typing this on is beloved, but it unfortunately doesn't have the capacity it used to and it causes my editing software for music and the videos to lag (a LOT). This creates quality problems, because I can't properly see what I'm editing. As you can tell, this goal would be the most helpful in creating better quality videos for you all!

Other items on my list after the more important items would be new strings for all of my instruments and usb cord/accessories for my Zoom H1 microphone and camera accessories (tripod, etc). 

so what the heck is Patreon & how does it help me?
As a musician, it is awfully hard to actually make money for your music. Especially when you're still in the beginning stages. When it's just you and your creative juices, that money flow is pretty slow!

To become a patron and support my videos and music, simply contribute just $1 or more per month to my Patreon page! If I upload an original song to my channel, you'll be able to download the track through Patreon for free, exclusive to my patrons! 

well this just sounds dandy
So you're ready to become a patron of mine! That's so amazing! I cannot express how much your support means to me! I can't wait to give you access to my songs in actual .aif format! The internet is amazing, guys. We really do live in captivating times.

I have so much to learn as a musician, video creator, and all around human, and I hope you'll join me in that journey. Again, THANK YOU so much for your support. I couldn't do it without you all!! 

much love, and don't forget to be kind x.
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When I reach 5 patrons per month, I will cover a song of each patrons choosing!
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