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I love teaching. I especially love teaching topics that are challenging - like workshops to explore tools to cope with the aftereffects of sexual trauma, or discussing the role of privilege in sexuality education & how to make it more accessible, or how to re-evaluate our relationships from a perspective of personal empowerment. And while I get a number of opportunities to teach, almost none of those opportunities actually ends up as a "break even" for me; many events can't offer more than a basic registration cost, and while some are able to cover travel, the cost for meals, lost time from other paying work, etc. becomes far more than what I can afford to subsidize. 

I also love coaching, especially folks who are already dealing with being marginalized, and especially folks who are dealing with chronic illnesses. And those folks, usually, are folks who can't afford to go the "professional coaching" route (which can cost upwards of $100 an hour, even more if they're looking for help with starting or running their own business).

Sadly, it means that I have to pick & choose when an event asks me to teach, or someone reaches out to me for coaching. As someone who is self employed, I don't have a cushion of either paid time off or extra spending money that might keep me from going into financial deficit in order to present. If it comes down to my financial ability to cover costs, I would very literally teach only at local one-day events, with one or two events per year thrown in.  And in terms of coaching, to make room for someone who is in need, I have to either "discover" time in my already full schedule, or take away from paying work (see also: no paid time off!).

This is where the Patreon comes in. If you want to help make sure that I can offer my education skills to events and organizations that can't afford to cover my costs, or to small groups that have zero budget for education; or if you want to help me offer coaching to more people that can benefit from it (and who can then go out & make their own worlds even more amazing), your patronage can help me make this happen.

Patreon sponsors will get some cool intangibles! If there's event schwag that I get, y'all will be the first folks I offer it to (including any additional comps or discounts). If you're at one of the events I'm teaching at and you let me know that, I'll bring you a treat (likely baked or handmade from my kitchen or crafts). You'll get early peeks at new classes in development. And you'll get info from me on where and when I'm teaching, and how your support is tangibly helping me do that. You'll get to know how many coaching sessions I'm able to offer at drastically reduced rates (or for free). You'll get a substantial discount on any coaching that you'd like (and if you know someone who can't afford coaching, send them my way and I'll make sure they're at the top of my list). And you'll have my undying gratitude.

If you'd like to do a single donation rather than a recurring one, you can reach out to me directly at [email protected] for ways to help. And if you have any questions, please let me know!
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At $250 per month, I'll do a video recording where I'll offer one tool for my patrons to use in managing their lives. It might be ways to interrupt the stories that we tell ourselves that never quite work out. It might be a tip on how to structure a difficult conversation. It may be an idea to bring more play and fun into your world. But this will be backers only, and it will be just for you, as a thank you for helping me help others!
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