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About Sarah Spendlove

A little bit about me:
I studied Animation many moons ago and now have my own art practice. I create with a mix of 2D drawing/painting and 3D sculpture using clay, needle-felt and found objects.

Where you come in:
Patreon is a monthly subscription service where your patronage goes directly to the artist. By selecting one of my tiers, you will be helping to support my work and receive some arty rewards in the post if you join the $10-$30+ Tiers.

If you have any more questions before becoming a Patron, simply get in touch via my website: or read Patreon's FAQ section at the bottom of the page.
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Would you like a weekly live stream of me making things? You'll be able to ask me questions about my work or just watch my progress like a fancy desktop screen saver!
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