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One day this past January, I was just watching Twitter and reading about the news where lawyers who were going to the airports after the Executive Order (that most called a Muslim travel ban) was signed. I was supposed to be studying to take the bar exam, but I dove into the efforts to support those lawyers who were supporting others.

It's quite simple, I just wanted to help the lawyers. I know that being a lawyer is a hard job. Often a thankless job. And certainly a stressful job. So I could tell something amazing was happening when people were tweeting, "How can I help the lawyers?"

See where I got the name?

I teamed up with a few other people but really threw myself into getting the lawyers connected who were working at those airports. At first it was only those lawyers, then it grew to other lawyers who wanted to know what was happening at the sites. 

Now I have a lot of educational degrees. One is a PhD in Technology. And I had already published articles about lawyers and tech. Twitter seemed like simple tech, but many lawyers were not on Twitter. So I started training the "newb" lawyers to get them connected to other lawyers. I told the outward facing ones to change their profile pictures. I told them how to engage other posters under the @HelptheLawyers account.

And what surprised me is I was using my teaching skills, marketing skills, legal knowledge, and knowledge of other tech, all under this one Twitter account. 

The account was a success. On Twitter, having more followers than about 200 is a big deal. We had 1100 in three weeks! And we were not an airport! Heck, I was doing all of this where I lived in rural Michigan- hundreds of miles away from any airport hub. I was mainly using my pre-paid TracFone to connect to the Internet because I can't get high speed internet where I live. I have a lot of privacy and a bazillion trees, but no reliable high speed Internet connection.

Yet running what I did on a mere TracFone, and occasionally going to the public library to use their Internet connection, worked. It's broken and really hard. But it's working. 

When we got published in Fast Company, I think that was when I decided- this needs to be my job. I'm not boasting, well I am, but I really rock at Twitter. And I could reach out to connect lawyers to each other and to new tech (did someone say Twitter bots) to help them in their jobs.

After many followers told me they joined Twitter because of @HelptheLawyers (which mainly was because of my postings), I thought- we need to become more. So on Valentine's Day, Help the Lawyers LLC was formed. 

People told me to do a Gofundme, which we did when it was three people behind the account. So that money is split, and it didn't last long. 

The team is now 2, and I'm really the one doing the heavy lifting. A Kickstarter campaign is an idea, but I can't devote time to that when only I am running and posting to the Twitter account. And I have no income.

Which is why I am here. On this site. Because I know that what I have taught the lawyers on Twitter, tweet-teaching, can lead to bigger and better ways to help lawyers. All with a technological emphasis. 

Lawyers are not the most tech-savvy crowd. Just getting them onto Twitter is hard. And although Twitter seems simple; it's not. But this Twitter initiative is disrupting a lot in the legal world. 

And I want to move forward and disrupt some more. Because lawyers need help, and people need an easier access to lawyers. 

That's why I'm here. To ask for help from you so I can help lawyers. It sounds crazy; I know. And I'm not good at self-promotion. Marketing, design, legal, and tech = love it. 
Self-promotion = ugh, needs work.

But I thank you for just reading this. It's been a wild start to my new year! And I am optimistic about the ways I can contribute to a greater good.

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