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About Sara R. Pratt


I'm releasing a new (my second) lullaby album this fall, and I would LOVE for you to be a part of it!

I'm a mom, so I know the struggle is real when it comes to children's music. Here are my two problems with music my kids want to listen to:
1) I don't really like it to begin with.
2) My kids want to hear it over and over for all eternity.

Can you relate?

My new album, I Dream of You (Volume II) was created to solve those two specific problems. It was thoughtfully and lovingly crafted to bring peace and beauty into your home in a timeless, nostalgic way that both you AND your children will love. It's DESIGNED to be played over and over (because let's be honest – that's how our kids roll). We worked really hard to make I Dream of You (Volume II) an album that no one is going to get tired of anytime soon (hallelujah!).
If this sounds like something you're excited about, I would be so honored for you to join me! This Kickstarter is a chance for you to preorder this peaceful, classic and cinematic album for yourself, and help me as I spread the word about this campaign on social media. I'm sure you know a mama or two who would love this project!
There's a Share this project button conveniently placed at the top right corner of this page. If you click it right now, a *lullaby fairy* will get her wings ;)
<figure> <figcaption>I wanted to make the cover look like a classic children's book. It's better than I could have imagined!</figcaption> </figure>
I hope to raise at least 50 percent of the budget for the album ($30,000), but if we reach the stretch goal of the full budget of $60,000, all backers who pledge $20 or more will get their name listed in the album credits. Yay!
To some, making a lullaby album might seem frivolous and unnecessary, but not to me. I believe making lullabies plays an important role in my calling. I know God cares deeply about babies, children and their moms, dads and caregivers. He sees us in those millions of ordinary moments throughout the course of our lives. He's there in those times of exhaustion, hospitalizations or grief and also when we're simply drifting off to sleep at the end of the day. He sees the moments of pure celebration when babies are held in our arms for the very first time, and His heart rejoices right along with ours.
I consider it an honor and a privilege to provide the soundtrack for some of life's most sacred moments. Knowing that you’re joining me in the journey makes it even sweeter!
Grace & peace,

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