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You have my eternal gratitude, and you will get to see how I work. Take a look at my discarded story ideas, get regular updates, and be the first to know about future plans!  

You also get access to the uncensored version of Husband Material! 

Quality Tier
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I draw all my comics in twice the resolution allowed by WebToons  and with this tier you will get the comic in its original size. So now you can see just how poorly I draw hands in HD!

There will also be short essays listing my inspirations for some of the stories, so if you find something terrifying this is your chance to basically get a reading list on related media.

You will also get access to longer posts  which details everything from my art development for the past 13 years and lists of my favorite horror novels. 

Nightmare Tier
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This tier comes with a (reasonable) topic request. Do you have a specific topic that terrifies you? Tell me about it and I will try to write a story related to your chosen topic, which can be anything from claustrophobia or man eating sharks to the debilitating fear that no one actually forgot that stupid thing you said in third grade.




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About Sara Rydholm

Right now I'm making Tales of Terrible Things while going to university, but in the future I hope to be able to do it full-time. This Patreon is right now filled with updates about the comic, including works in progress and my attempts to improve my art and storytelling. In the future I hope to be able to post more original material here (horror illustrations too gore-filled for Webtoons, tutorials, and short comics) but right now my focus is to post episodes of Tales of Terrible at least twice a month. 

So by supporting this Patreon you are helping me get closer to make this an actual job, which will mean a lot more material for you! My goal is to in the future release new episodes of Tales of Terrible Things weekly and unique Patreon material every two weeks, along with the updates and behind the scenes material I'm currently posting.

You can read Tales of Terrible Things here:

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Unique Patreon short comics each month!

Short comics in form of either an comedic extra (which I'm often tempted to add to the original but can't without ruining the mood) and  short horror stories told over a few frames.
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