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Welcome to Sasha Writes!

Hello Patreon! Some people may know me as a tattoo artist and permanent makeup esthetician, but I have another passion that is actually the one I studied in college. It’s a passion that transcends generations and multiple art forms, and is incredibly vital to the human experience. That passion is storytelling.

This patreon account is designed to pass on the information I’ve both learned and cultivated through a lifetime of writing and observing the world through a writer’s eyes. By becoming a patron you can not only gain access to short stories and story chapters that I haven’t posted anywhere else, but other exclusive content like story prompts, writing worksheets, writing lessons, even some alternate forms of storytelling like comics and scripts.

Story of the Month

There will also be a story of the month for patrons who will gain access to great stories written by others with a short review or analysis. These stories may be professionally published or submitted by patrons like you! More info will be available to patrons.

Custom Tabletop RPG Stories

I also have a passion for games of all types, especially tabletop role playing games! If anyone is interested in help with creating a home brew for a tabletop game with their own world and story, a tier will be available for you. You will also gain access to my personal tabletop stories and home brew rules, including those of fandoms and favorite worlds.
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This goal is what I need to make it through my day-to-day. It will ultimately allow me to spend all of my time and energy on my artwork and apprenticeship, as well as provide interesting and unique rewards for my beloved patrons! While it's an ambitious goal, I certainly hope my support and hard work will get me there!
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