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I'm a veteran software engineer and an amateur data journalist, and since 2016 my passion project has been VisiData, an open-source terminal-based supertool which makes it fast and easy to play with tabular data (sources like csv, json, xls, sqlite, html tables, and many others). And of course virtually everything can be used quite effectively as tabular data, including metadata, filesystems, git repositories, network logs, and even the internals of VisiData itself!

If you love VisiData and want to see more from the textpunk world I'm building, please support my work via this Patreon. As a patron, your mere existence encourages me to develop VisiData further, and every dollar counts as a vote to prioritize the features of your choice.
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Textpunk Ally
per month
You like the concept of VisiData, even if you don't have much chance to use it. You want to support awesome open-source tools so they are there for you when you need them.

At this tier and above, a name of your choice will be added to the list of contributors on the website.

Elite User
per month
VisiData has made your life easier and saved you a bunch of time already. You probably have a few favorite commands burned into muscle memory.

At this tier and above, you can contribute one of the random messages that VisiData users see on startup (subject to approval).

Data Wizard
per month

You love VisiData and use it almost every day. In other programs you find yourself wishing you could use Shift+F.

At this tier and above, I'm available to set up a chat/tmate session so we can work with your own data, and I'll suggest ways you can use VisiData more effectively.

True Believer
per month
You've embraced the VisiData lifestyle. You wish VisiData had an interface for everything.

At this tier and above, I'm available to watch you use your data and I will suggest custom workflows that we can build to make VisiData even more awesome for you.

Corporate Sponsor
per month
Your team uses VisiData and it makes everyone's lives easier.  It's probably being used in batch mode as part of a temporary adhoc pipeline and it doesn't need to be replaced yet because it just works.

At this level, your feature requests get top priority, and your company logo will be shown on the website as an official sponsor.

20 of 100 patrons
When I reach 100 patrons, I'll take some days off work and implement an important feature from the roadmap (and everyone gets a vote).
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