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About Savannah Houghtaling

Hello! Welcome to the official Patreon for Flock, an anticipated animated series set in the late 1950s following two reunited best friends, and the vicious tension between their opposing flocks..
Of course, I intend to tell you so much more about Flock! First, however, let me introduce myself in the ways that pertain to my project.

(Savannah (front right) with the Flock team after a presentation at Massanutten Technical Center.)

Savannah Houghtaling (or Savanity, as you might know me) is my name. I have a passion for the illusion of life that is animation, specifically traditional hand-drawn animation, and even went to school for it after all these years watching and drawing cartoons. I'm certified in Visual Effects and 3D Animation through Massanutten Technical Center, where I took the route of concept art and traditional animation, dabbling in 3D modeling, rigging, and animating.

My mission through my work is to raise the vibrations of those who watch my cartoons, much like the reason cartoons came to be. In vintage war times, the purpose of cartoons were to lift the spirits of the people during the war. I believe that is the purpose of art in general: raising a person's vibration through enjoyment. What an important job that is, especially in a world like today's. In addition, I want to teach, touching on lessons that we all can relate to. We are all energy part of the same universe. We are all part of one another, and it's easy to forget that in human life the way it is now. If my work is able to remind folks of love, forgiveness, hope for a better way, even for those guilty of the most vile actions, and the importance of values like these, then I would be satisfied with what I'm doing in this world.

I could talk and get to know all day and anyone who knows me knows thats true, but let's get on to Flock, what it's about, and what you get for supporting my project!


is anticipated to be a hand-drawn animated YouTube series set in the late 1950s that focuses on the struggling relationship of two dear friends, whose cliques viciously oppose one another, and their points of view within their daily lifestyles. Their bond at heart is strong, but so is their loyalty to their respective gangs, or ‘flocks’. Everyone has their reasons for living the way they do, however, as we come to see through the daily life of Jeremy Bleu Jay and Curtis Cordell Rouge, Flock's main characters.

How did you come up with Flock?

Taking inspiration from classic works like S.E. Hinton's novels (including the Outsiders, Rumble Fish, That Was Then, This Is Now, etc.), Grease, Rebel Without A Cause and other vintage films, etc., I noticed the bitter divide between upper and lower class youth portrayed in these. Even today, the divide still remains. Upper and lower class culture simply don't seem to get along! No one UNDERSTANDS eachother, and no one tries to.

That's when I though to myself, well, why can't they be friends?

And that's when it hit me. 'Just exactly, Savannah. Why can't they be friends? Why don't you take that blue jay character you made, give him a pal, and let them show you why they "can't be friends" or so they THINK.' Love is in all things. Let them show you how love has the potential to transcend cultural divide if given the chance. That's a show right there.

Romance is love, joy is love, friendship is love, even the darkest of actions are rooted in love or lack of enough of it. It is more powerful that any prideful rivalry, and that is why our main characters would go to such risks for the chance of saving the bond they once so effortlessly had. I want to tell the story of how love is in even the most troublesome people, no matter how they perceive to be through their actions. I want to tell a story of the struggle of understanding and forgiving one another for the awful things they may have done. It's not easy, but it's oh-so worth it once you learn how.


How does Patreon work?

By becoming a patron, you pledge a certain amount of money every month based on the support package you select. This money is billed at the first of every month, and goes toward the creator's project. You get to help the creator of the project you love DIRECTLY! How cool is that?

I don't have much money, but I want to support!

We offer tiers as low as $1 monthly, and we are just as grateful for your dollar as we are for the next guy's 25. YOU matter, you add up. Patreon also has the option to set a max monthly charge, so you'll never go over the amount you're willing to give on Patreon. You can also stop paying at any time in the future if you can no longer afford it. We'd never want you to hurt yourself financially!

Do I have to pay in U.S. Dollars?

No! You can pay in any currency! Everything on Patreon is written in USD, as it is a US-based website, but you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

What are we supporting when we support the Flock Official Patreon?

A pilot episode for Flock is currently in progress, and all of that work is funded through Patreon! All of you are the financial support for this production, making my dreams come true, and that's why I want to thank you for all of your help by offering Patron Rewards.

What are the Patron Rewards?

Look to the sidebar on your right, darling! There, you'll see all the rewards the Flock crew offers you for supporting our project and making my dream come true. We offer tiers as low as $1, $3, and $5, all the way up to tiers as large as $50, $100, $500.


Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube so you don't miss the big release!

(Early test animation ft. Curtis Rouge.)

Thank you for your support, and..

Welcome to the Flock!
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At 350 patrons, I will release to you a UNIQUE digital sticker pack featuring all your favorite characters, that you'll all be able to download and use anywhere you please.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
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