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Greetings, comrades. If you're reading this, you've clicked a link directing to our donations page. Why? Perhaps you've just seen us perform live and were either mesmerized by what's been called our "unique, funky freeform sound," or perhaps you thought we sucked and you thought that by giving us $5, we might never perform again. If the former, thank you very much! We advise you wait for the drugs to wear off before deciding how much to donate. If the latter, we regretfully inform you that we'll be producing content until one of us dies, at which point the other is contractually obligated to edit the dead one's funeral footage into a Call of Duty montage parody. In short, we're going to be doing this until one of our songs, albums, videos, streams, sketches, or pieces of visual artwork successfully inspires the Socialist Revolution and we never have to ask for donations again. But until then, $5 would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you! -SG
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