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After Dark Podcast
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A brand new hour EVERY WEEK of hilarious and unforgivingly inappropriate Dungeons and Dragons Gameplay will be delivered to you to enjoy via podcast— exclusively for our Patrons.

But be warned, nothing gets held back as our cast and crew let loose and turn off any semblance of public filters they have during the Save or Dice live streamed games. This is the SoD crew raw and uncut!

After Dark Videocast & Extras
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The After Dark podcast is awesome, but let's crank up the awesome further with full videos of us playing and recording the podcast.

In addition, patrons on this tier will get access to our private Save or Dice Discord server, where you can chat with the cast in between games.

And we'll be posting up character sheets from each new season for you guys and gals to use as NPCs in your own games!

Includes Discord rewards
Bonus After Dark, Voting & More!
per month
Can't get enough of Save or Dice... we know the feels. Every month, we'll give you a more personal behind the scenes look as the cast sits down to talk about the show and answer any questions  you guys might have. If you ever wanted to get to know the cast on a more personal level or if you just want to know what was going through our minds during that last dracolich fight, here's your chance.

In addition, we're going to give YOU a chance to participate in the show by submitting monsters for us to fight, crazy NPCs to bargain with or any other general shenanigans you can think up; and we'll round up the best ideas each week and put up a poll for everyone at this level to vote on. We're not scared, you're scared! ;-)

Also, you'll not only get access to all of the custom art tokens created for the show by the incredibly talented Kim Van Deun for any current season— you'll gain access to all of the previous seasons as well! So regardless if you're playing on Fantasy Grounds, or any other VTT, you'll be able to use these extremely high quality tokens in your own games.

Includes Discord rewards




per month

About Save or Dice

We got them games! We got them cast!

We love Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games like Starfinder, Wrath & Glory and Numenera! And on Save or Dice, we've brought some of the biggest content creators and streamers from all over, into one place to call home. Think Avengers, except with more dice rolling and crazy voices.

Just SOME of our previous and current cast has included:
XP to Level 3
How to be a Great GM
Web DM
Encounter Roleplay 
and on and on...

And we've even had awesome guests like Adam Bradford from DnD Beyond and Jason Keeley from Paizo on to run games with us!

But with so many amazing creators and roleplayers, we've come to realize— that one show a week... well it just isn't enough!!!

So that's why we're launching a Patreon.

Turns out, they do NOT accept Monopoly money at McDonalds... sadface.

One thing we've always been very proud of on Save or Dice, is that we actually pay our cast!

We understand the time it takes to be a part of Save or Dice, is significant for our cast members, and so from day one, we've always shared whatever money we've brought in from our amazing sponsors on the show. Trust us, we are the exception to most Live Play shows in this manner, and we're ok with that! We want these creators to keep coming back for our audience to laugh along with and enjoy, so our goal will always be to pay our cast for their time on Save or Dice!

But in order to do so, we realize that just relying on companies to help make this happen, just isn't feasible. Which is why we're so excited about the opportunities here on Patreon, and the launching of our new patron podcast with a brand new hour of hilarious and fun game play, coming to you every week! 

Wait wait wait... what's happening now?!?!

This Patron exclusive podcast is going to feature the same amazing creators you've come to love, but without the 'constraints' if you will. That's to say, expect things to get a little spicy!

In addition, we'll also be launching a new game on the channel every week that where happy to announce will be totally free, regardless of whether you decide to support us here on Patreon. 

Thank you so much for being a part of the SoD Crew! We are 4-ever grateful!
- Save or Dice

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