Saving Cinderella

is creating musical theater magic highlighting poverty and charity.

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Valiant Viola!
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Viola is Cinderella's steadfast friend. She gently encourages Cinderella even through the darkest times. Your support can bring this sweet character to life!

Valiant Viola rewards include...

  • Patreon exclusive updates and behind the scenes insights!
Admirable Andrew!
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Andrew is a champion of those in need and a loyal friend to the Prince. Help bring this hero to the stage!

Admirable Andrew rewards include the previous reward AND...

  • A download of the song "How Do You Save The World" from Saving Cinderella - sung by the songwriter!
Fearless Fairy Godmother
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The Fairy Godmother appears when things are at their worst and always knows exactly what is needed. Your support can fill the stage with magic!

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Do you want to fight poverty? Do you enjoy musical theater? If your answer to either of these questions is YES - then Saving Cinderella is for YOU!

SAVING CINDERELLA - a powerful message

Saving Cinderella is a musical continuation of the classic Cinderella story illuminating modern issues of poverty and charity.

As the story follows Cinderella and the Prince into "happily ever after," we are presented with compelling questions: 
  • Is poverty a simple matter of "haves and have nots?" 
  • Can certain forms of charity be harmful? 
  • What role should government play in battling poverty?
Saving Cinderella couches these difficult questions in elegance, softness, and silliness.

SAVING CINDERELLA - a lavish production

Saving Cinderella is a beautiful, fanciful fairytale. Filling the opulent sets will be familiar characters like the Prince, the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella herself, as well as many new characters:
  • the well-meaning but misguided Parson
  • the faithful and courageous Andrew
  • the evil and conniving Lord Polaron 
  • some snobby ladies of the court 
  • and greedy politicians across the political spectrum

Saving Cinderella
- where fantasy meets real life.


Thank you for checking out my Patreon page! My dream is not just to see Saving Cinderella go into production, but to have it become an entertaining, powerful, and memorable vehicle that changes the hearts and lives of those who experience it. Together we can partner to bring a new voice to the discussion of poverty and charity. 

By becoming a Patron of Saving Cinderella, you'll become a part of something bigger than yourself. I invite you into this journey with me -- the journey of a fresh look on a long-existing issue; the journey of unveiling barriers and stereotypes; and the journey of making the impossible imaginable.

To join my team of influencers and support this vital project, please click on the support level of your choice. There are exciting benefits to being a regular monthly Patreon supporter. Explore the options for becoming a Patron to the right, but if you prefer a one time support payment, simply click: One Time Support Payment.

Thank you in advance for your support of this exciting and ground-breaking venture! I can't wait to engage with you, and want to say a hearty and grateful...

Welcome to the SAVING CINDERELLA community!
$217.33 of $3,500 per month
Baring unforeseen challenges, we will be able to complete the following preliminaries in less than a year from the time we have reached a support level of $3500 per month. We will then be in a position to present Saving Cinderella to producers and directors in an effort to bring this show to the stage.

  • Paid off the costs associated with our logo and professional development!
  • Ensured that all preliminary legal matters attached to the production of Saving Cinderella were handled appropriately and professionally. 
  • Engaged a composer, the amazing Brennan Paulin, to create piano accompaniment!

  • Increase production values on all promotional materials.
  • Engage composer Brennan Paulin to complete orchestration.
  • Conduct table reads.
  • Create a professional recording of Saving Cinderella with vocals and piano for professional review.
  • Complete a fully orchestrated cast recording.
  • Obtain professional video footage of Saving Cinderella for promotion of the show.

  • Premier Saving Cinderella in Dayton, OH!
  • Take professional footage of Saving Cinderella (audio and video) to the Producers Perspective conference in New York, NY where there is an opportunity to pitch the show to Broadway producers!


Once the preliminaries are completed, your ongoing monthly support enables:
  • Entry into contests and festivals 
  • Travel to conferences and other networking opportunities 
  • Ensuring that all the standard legal matters attached to the production of Saving Cinderella continue to be handled appropriately and professionally. 
  • Promotion to the public as well as producers and directors

Our goal for Saving Cinderella is to raise awareness of issues surrounding poverty and charity! Once Saving Cinderella is in production regionally and/or nationally, its important message will reach the hearts of many. As one of the lyrics in Saving Cinderella reminds us: "How do you save the world? The truth is - you don't. But if each one helps someone, and each heart does its part, then one becomes two and those two help a few who help more and more and more." 
Thank you for your current and continued support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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