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You are curious, this is a good thing! As a Curious, you will gain access to my Spotify Demons list which is the soundtrack I use for my writing, you will also receive a note of thanks from me, and get a sneak peek into the first chapter of my novel, The Crystal Cavern Series (Book 1)

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The Watchers observe, always. As a Watcher, you really want to be on top of what is going on, so in addition to the tier 1 rewards, you also get access to alternate storylines and characters, and a private group where you can chat with me about what you have going on, about what I have going on, or whatever is on your mind. As an optional benefit, if you are willing, I will add you to my Beta reader list so you can give me all your opinions on what I am writing.

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About Sharon

A story has been tumbling around in my head for the last decade. Over this time I have written ideas as they pop into my head, characters as I see them, dream them, or feel their presence. I have spent much of this time world building them into our world and deciding on the setting. These notes have evolved from a mangled mess of sticky notes, scrap paper, random notebook pages, and file folders to a story. I am now ready to work out the details and share the story to more than just a few close friends. 
Currently, I have been keeping myself on task with the beginning of this massive project and have decided to make a much more public note of it. (Putting yourself out there really helps you to keep on track!) Please bear with me as I revamp this page as I evolve my online presence.
I hope you will join me as I share my creative process and the mangled notes that I have kept over the better part of the decade. I am looking forward to sharing my journey and learning with you!
I am linking the first video I posted on YouTube until I have uploaded an actual introduction video. Please enjoy the AuthorTube Newbie Tag, I had fun creating it. :)
Thank you!
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75?! Now I HAVE to finish the book! :D
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