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Dan Christian has been teaching the Saxophone to thousands of sax players around the world for free. With your help we can give first class saxophone education to even the worlds poorest people, making Saxophone lessons accessible for everyone. These lessons will give thousands of people an opportunity that wouldn't otherwise be there for them all thanks to the support of patrons.

I've had the truly great honor of teaching hundreds of thousands of people how to play Saxophone through my online YouTube channel - SaxCasts and my free work over at DanChristian.net. Unfortunately, I just can't afford to devote the time to free work any more as I have a family to support. With your help I can devote time to breathing life into this project once again. Your Pledges to the cause will allow me to film lessons that will benefit each sax player that watches them regardless of whether they are from Florida or Kenya. I can also afford to have each of my lessons translated into other languages so that we can truly spread the joy of learning saxophone to all corners of our small world. 

Over the course of the past year DanChristian.net has had over 60,000 Sax players visiting to learn how to play this fantastic instrument. Many of these students cannot afford lessons. Be pledging to this cause you will be helping Children whose parents simply cannot afford to pay for weekly lessons, adults who don't have a teacher local to them and people from underprivileged areas of the world.

Many of the students of DanChristian.net come from African countries, where charities have given out instruments to the community so they can form bands of celebration. They have instruments but no idea how to play them! Websites just like DanChristian.net fill this void and provide this service.

Thank you so much for donating to this cause and, happy saxing!

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