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Every time, releasing new sounds I will offer you extra tracks and high-quality versions of them in formats you would like (flac, ogg etc.)
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If you want me to produce your tracks, create specific beats/tracks, post-production and mastering you're always welcome. 




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Music Producer 

I'm producing electronic music in genres like:
  • Synthwave, 
  • Retrowave, 
  • Synthpop, 
  • Darkwave etc. 
Also creating hip-hop and trap beats which are free to use
Always ready for co-working and collabs with other artists to create new sounds. Moreover, if you need something special, I'm ready to produce your work and make personalized and custom tracks. 

Check out my  SOUNDCLOUD page - the main place where I do my creative activity. 

Other links for communication: 
$0 of $20 per month
For the cheapest MIDI controller that is very useful thing in my field.
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