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Clickable Bibliography
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In this tier you will receive a clickable bibliography 1 hour before all future uploads. Each reference in the bibliography will be ordered in the same order the citation appears in the video. My videos  contain anywhere from 3-12 references. 
SBCAH Mendeley Group
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In this tier, you will receive an invite to the SBCAH Mendeley research group. This is a group hosted on You will receive a short tutorial video on how to use the group as well. The benefit of this group is that you will receive more access to research papers and we can share and discuss relevant research. Post your questions, comments and ideas in this group. 
Access to SBCAH Shared Mendeley Account
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Here, you will receive access to the SBCAH shared Mendeley. This is an online research library, which you can access on any device. You will receive a tutorial on how to use Mendeley here as well. The main benefit of this Mendeley is having increased access to a variety of full-text articles. I will add to the library frequently and encourage all members of this tier to add papers to the shared Mendeley. 



About Stop Being Confused About Health

Hi everyone! I have some fun ideas for how to take your interaction with my content to a new level. They involve science, books, and other educational material. I have 3 tiers which you can read about below.

Tier 0: Invitation to the SBCAH Mendeley Group --FREE!
Please feel free to join the Mendeley research group I have created:

Simply shoot me an email at [email protected] thank you.

Tier 1: SBCAH Research Library -- $12/mo
In this group you will get access to the group research library. Every time I do research I add articles to the library. There are many articles you can find here which you wouldn't be able to find on the internet as I have to obtain access. The benefit of this library is that it will expand and the more people are in it the better!

Tier 3: Monthly Book Review + Free Book Lottery--$25/mo:
On the 4th week of every month, I will conduct an in-depth review over livestream for patrons-only on a selected book and provide a cliffnotes with a few references. One lucky winner will get the book shipped to them as well.

Let me know if you have additional questions or suggestions. Thanks,


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