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We at Swissbeatbox showcase video clips and music from some of the best and newest beatboxers from all across the globe. We organise, promote, and film some of the biggest international beatboxing events, as well as produce a wide array of differing promotional videos for artists, which all gets uploaded onto our YouTube account

The name swissbeatbox stands for quality in Beatboxing. We have a dedicated, professional team of five people, who handle everything from filming, video editing, audio recording, mixing, and mastering, to online promotion and management.

Our slogan, „WE LOVE BEATBOX,“ is a representation of our drive to push beatboxing forward into the future, promote its developing trends, and make the increasingly active scene bigger and more transparent. By working inside the community for a couple of years, we have managed to create an open network of world class beatboxers who collaborate to help push the art-form to new heights.

Being beatboxers, and a part of the community ourselves, we have come to understand the intricacies of the scene, and its strong focus on building a worldwide ‘family‘ vibe. Swissbeatbox is about supporting artists, and we do this by continually pushing both the upcoming and established vocal musicians, while we continually scout for the newest talents to help inject fresh energy and styles into the growing community.

We are now considered one of the benchmarks in professional beatboxing, and want to drive other artists to join us and help further develop the beatboxing scene with new material. We also strive to provide an avenue for artists to make a career in this developing art-form, both by showcasing their works on our channel, and by helping them to form relevant and long-lasting relationships with other professionals within the industry.


Swissbeatbox began as a hobby, and slowly grew into the most well known and trusted brand name in the beatboxing community. It has now reached the point where we are no longer able to keep up with it’s growth on our own, and that’s why we have decided to join the Patreon community to help push Swissbeatbox and the beatboxing scene to newer and greater heights than ever before.

Beatboxing has grown massively from its youth as a Hip Hop subculture, and now encompasses a wide variety of music, cultures, and backgrounds. The potential of beatboxing has been proven time and time again to outstrip all expectations, and its future has no limits. We want to dedicate ourselves to help push this potential as far as possible. However, due to the rapid growth of this unique art-form, we are no longer in a position where we can reach the level of production quality and output that is needed to continue this incredible evolution.

Unfortunately, we are unable to sustain ourselves through YouTube, and as we are mostly self funded, with very little sponsorship, we all have jobs on the side to help pay the bills. This restricts us from putting all our love and energy into this project, and is now getting to the point where it is holding us and the growth of the beatboxing art-form back. We would all love to do this full time, to create more and higher quality content, as well as bigger events in more locations around the world, while helping to evolve the art-form into what we know it can become. That’s where you come in!

If you enjoy our work, and would like to see more content with increasing quality productions, more events, and a greater outreach, than please feel free to help us in any way you can. If just 1-2% of our subscribers donated just the price of a cup of coffee every month, we would be able to do this full time.

Whatever happens, we will always keep doing what we do at Swissbeatbox, and our video’s will ALWAYS remain free. We are only here to try and bring this project to the next level, and we would be hugely appreciative if any of you would be a part of this journey by helping and supporting us in any way possible!

Thank you all for your ongoing support, it really means a great deal to us.

See you in the next video!

Much love,

Pepouni, Madox, Kilian, Sinjo, Chezame and Trung.
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