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About Scandinavian Mariner Magazine

I am Daniel Novello and I care deeply for the sea. My project is a magazine which aim is to make sustainable sailing & cruising in The Nordics & The Arctic more accessible for cruisers from anywhere in the world.

In order to keep the magazine afloat we need supporters who are willing to support yachting journalism!

The Magazine features relevant content for cruisers who have an ambition to explore the North Atlantic from the English Channel, The Baltics, the Northern and Western Isles, Iceland, Svalbard, Jan Mayen and Greenland. The magazine is equally relevant to all interested in all things maritime.

By showcasing the finest destinations, the most brilliant gear and suitable yachts for high latitudes cruising I hope to inspire you to plot your course northward as soon as possible! 

In this photograph, taken at the Nautor Swan Yard in Finland in the spring of 2018, I met one of my heroes. A man who's designs has influenced the world of sailing for decades! Mr. Germán Frers. I got to spend the day with him sailing the new Swan 78. One of the best days ever!

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When I reach 100 patrons I will up the game and travel to as many yards as possible to report on new yachts. In addition I will be able to focus more on the YouTube Channel and put out more and better content!
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