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This is the equivalent cost of a small pack of screws. Having a small library of screws available, instead of ordering each type that correspond to a specific prototype design, means we will spend far less time waiting for parts to ship; allowing us to build things much faster than otherwise.
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This is the equivalent cost of a small set of bearings. Having a range of bearings available, instead of having to order them individually, means that we'd be able to evaluate and play with the bearings in hand before we specify them in our design. We'd also be able to include them in the assembled prototype without having to wait for shipping times, resulting in faster prototyping.
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This is the equivalent cost of one stepper motor, and the electronics needed to power it. We use these to implement motion of various parts on the scanner, whether it is film advance, moving the scanner head, or implementing one of our experimental focus systems. Having more stepper motors means we can build a range of prototypes of various systems and modules, and means we can leave them assembled to continuously interact and experiment with, instead of having to disassemble and strip out parts so we can build the next one.




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Film scanning is the process of getting a digital copy of a film photograph. And because of a lack of modern and well-designed scanners, it is generally an unsatisfying pursuit.

We're two film photography enthusiasts who have studied design and engineering, and we are passionately working on designing better film scanners. If, with your help, our prototyping is successful, we'd like to be able to manufacture and sell scanners of our design and, by extension, help keep film photography alive.

Patreon is an easy way for you to donate funding to our project. It's structured as monthly contributions, and we plan to keep this patreon running until we're ready to start selling our scanners. While we may not spend your specific pledge on the indicated item, the item provides you an idea of the sense of scale of your contribution to our work, and we will use the funding in the best way we can.

So if you're able to help us out by contributing to our project, we would really appreciate it!

For the past few years that we've been working on this project, our work has been documented on this thread. We'll continue to update it as time goes on.

Currently available film scanners tend to produce low-resolution results, take a lot of time to operate, and are almost universally old and unwieldy. The better, state-of-the art machines have developed cult followings, are out of production, and are frequently acquired second or third hand. Clearly, this is an unacceptable situation. However, due to the high design complexity and small market size of film users, there has been little if any innovation over the past decade or two.

We're working on resolving this in two phases:
1) the design-prototype phase.
This is where we're at now, where we're going through various prototypes, and will soon have a satisfying and manufacturable design.

2) the manufacture-sell-distribute phase.
Taking the design we ended up with, we'll manufacture, sell and distribute them. We'll also start using a more legit brand than the code-name 'scanner design', establish forums where people can discuss their experiences and results, and also have repair and maintenance resources available to help keep the scanners working long into the future, given that this might be the last big project toward developing new scanners.

Over the past few years, we (Caleb and Quejai (Lachlan's handle on RFF) ) have been working on applying some of the vast improvements in available technologies to the purpose of producing a new scanner design. Once we're happy that it works as we want it to, we'll manufacture and sell these scanners. Our aim is to make available scanners that provide unprecedented image quality at an affordable price point, and at the same time to structure our manufacturing/distribution/maintenance operations in a way that we are less vulnerable to the difficulties of having a small market. We recognize that we need to build and maintain a high level of respect and communication with those who are interested in what we're working on, and we'd love to get some help in return.

This project started in 2014, and we really wanted to be done by now. However, we have been operating on a shoestring budget, which means that we very much have needed to be extremely careful with our R&D expenditure. We've decided that if we could get more 'financial lubrication', we would be able to prototype much faster; speeding up progress and ultimately meaning that we'd have our scanners available for you to buy sooner. 

Again, thank you for considering to help us with our work, and we look forward to making prompt and regular updates that detail our exciting progress!

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