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About Scarecrow1000

"What counts as "Music"? Does it have to be rhythmical? Does it need to be pleasing?"

I make music for fun, but fun is too much money. So like, I am asking you for some. And like, you can get my stuff with it. So yeah, thanks for listening.

I guess I never was into music until I joined choir in 4th grade. I still don't know why I did that, but in the end I joined band and eventually got hooked. So, Yeah, I am addicted now. I love modern music, but I have a soft spot for early stuff too. 

You contribution helps me purchase instruments, both real and sampled, hire real musicians and vocalists, and not die of a lack of health in a modern world where we must work for our lives (Slavery?).

Update 1/21/2018: Apparently I only have 1 hr and 54 min left of posting time on Soundcloud. Your contribution will help me pay for pro. Along with that, I am going to Germany Summer of 2019. I will use the money I make from this to get the $3,500 I need.
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