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About SCARED? podcast

I believe everyone has a story.

A story of some sort of experience that they can't explain.  A story they want to share. 'SCARED?' gives them the opportunity to share. It's real people, telling (in their own words) their true ghost & UFO stories.

100% paranormal. Real people. Real Stories. Real Scary.

What is 'SCARED?'

'SCARED?' is an acclaimed podcast featuring people from around the world, telling their tales. Unexplained experiences that have happened to them. And sometimes, things that are happening to them now.

'SCARED?' is hosted and produced by me, I'm Phil Holmes. I've been an English broadcaster, in major radio markets, for the past twenty five years. In 2012, I won the UK's highest radio award, for broadcasting my show from a live event. I've had a lifelong passion in all things paranormal.

Why Patreon?

I'm a proud, fulltime Dad of two young children.

Each episode of 'SCARED?' takes two days to produce and I'm so proud of how the show sounds.
I'm based in England but the vast majority of my guests are in the US, so after getting the children to bed and due to vast time differences, I'm normally sat in front of a microphone at midnight, interviewing a guest!

Then there's the cost of running everything about the show. Audio equipment, hosting for both our website and the podcast files, and lots of other costs that I never expected.

Patreon support help cover that.

Thank you for your support

I appreciate every listen. Every story shared. Every message sent. Every Tweet made. Please tell your friends about 'SCARED?' and share a story with me. And if you want to help me continue, building the show and securing it's future, please consider contributing a small amount per month.

Thank you.
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