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Hello! My name's Scarizard (or Patrick, if you prefer!), and I'm aiming to change the world into a more positive one.

I'm a full-time streamer, writer, & game designer on a journey to build an inclusive community of support & friendship that will last a lifetime. Between diving into unique & compelling games (without really reading the rules), making big plays during our community's game-days or leading discussions about the inner-workings of game development, I'm always trying to bring people together and share new experiences.

I've started this Patreon as a response to the growing ambition of my projects, and frankly, my financial needs to stay afloat. Simply reading this and considering contributing means more to me than words can say (and I'd know, because I talk an awful lot). I jumped into this thing headfirst and with your support, I can break even on my costs and sustain myself purely off of doing what I love - making people smile & being the most powerful videogamer the world has ever known.

What does the Patreon money go towards?
A: At present, any income from Patreon goes directly to - 
1) Paying my monthly Rent
2) Paying my AMAZING video editor so we can keep making exciting, consistent content
3) Leveling up the quality of our video series & streams with better equipment
4) Treats for my good dog, Chuckles (he likes salmon)

Q: How attached to these rewards are you?
A: Not at all! Like most Patreons (and really anything else good), this page and process is a work-in-progress. I value direct feedback from the folks who support me, and everything from the Goals, the #'s, the pricing, the rewards - all of it - is subject to change. I want to make sure that y'all are getting things that you care about and that we're working together to make this thing awesome. If you've got opinions, I want to hear them! 

Q: I can't support you because of my current finances, is there any other way to help out?
A: Always! The most valuable I can ever receive is your time, and checking out my videos or dropping by the stream sometime helps more than you might think. Aside from that, consider sharing my content (or this very Patreon!) with anyone you think might be interested in my mission!

70 of 100 patrons
Since I'm combining income from Twitch & other contracts, it's hard to place a number on 'how much Patreon money will make me able to live' - so instead let's set something ambitious!

When we reach 100 Patrons, and for every X Patrons after that (whatever y'all decide!) , I'll record & release an exclusive Let's Play series, with a game voted on by all of you. Unlike my Backlog series, this won't be streamed on Twitch & will include an exclusive post-mortem discussion vlog. And probably something like a Blooper reel, because of course there will be.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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