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I was born a Heretic, a Medicine Woman and Tree Oracle and I believe that Nature can save us.
Not just from a - global warming, trees create oxygen, we must have water to survive- perspective. (Although I believe all of that passionately.)

Nature will show us our truest selves. Our strengths and our wisdom. Our creativity and vitality. She will show us the unhelpful stuff we believe to be true about us and the magnificent truths we've been running from. She calls us back to our deep, primal knowing. She clarifies our desires and shows us the rightness in them.
She has the power to turn literal shit into something rich and nourishing that will support life and growth. This works with seeds and it works with our longing and desire. She can show us how to compost our trauma, our unhelpful habits, our addictions, our mistakes into rich, life giving nourishment.

Before the Industrial and the technological revolutions, people used to listen to Nature and honor her wisdom.
"Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
"If March comes in like a lion, she goes out like a lamb."
And even something as simple as "Rub a raw potato on your hands to remove stains from beets, berries, rhubarb, greens and the like."
Nature and her wisdom were woven into our flesh and our bones and our blood. We knew her medicine, both spiritual and physical.

My desire in this space is to rebuild the connective tissue between us and Nature. To once again infuse Her into your blood and bones, flesh and breath.
I'll be sharing Her practical medicine as well as the spiritual ways in which She works to heal and feed us. I'll be sharing recipes and ritual. Classes and readings. The magical and the practical.

Why me?

As I mentioned above, I was born to this. I used to spend the bulk of my Summer days sitting under who I now fondly call Grandmother Sycamore. She was the tallest tree on our street and I loved her! As soon as my chores were done, I would drag my blanket, my dolls, my books and my lunch outside and spend most of the day under her branches.

Later, my parents would buy 7 acres of land in the Wasatch Mountain Range. I spent hours roaming the woods by myself. It was here, at age 9 that I first had a conscious awareness that I could hear the trees.

When I was 12 my parents would divorce and a move would take us to Texas and away from my beloved mountains and Grandmother Sycamore. The longing for them was so painful and intense that I dissolved most of my own connective tissue just to survive it.

She reached out to me many times over the years but at this point I'd chosen into a very strict religion and as such, I rebuffed her attempts.

Then in 2006, I was finally ready to rebuild the connection. How do I know? That's when the animals began showing up.

The first occurred while living in suburbia and having a wild turkey walk up my driveway, up my sidewalk, up three steps and stand at my front door.
From there it was full-bellied snakes lounging across my sidewalk. A domestic white rabbit in my flower garden. Robins landing in a circle (of sorts) around my feet. Eyes gazing with a doe who found her way into my back yard. The list could go on and on.

Finally after one particularly potent encounter with a hummingbird, I decided to look into this "animal thing". By this time I had chosen out of the aforementioned religion and was open to lots of different possibilities. After seeing the term Shaman or Shamanism popping up a lot in my reading I decided to reach out to an acquaintance who called herself a "Shamanic Practitioner."

She listened to all my animal tales giggling all the while. Finally when I told her about this intense encounter with a tree, she burst out laughing and exclaimed "You are the most reluctant Shaman I ever met in my entire life."

And thus it the "official" part of this began.

I finally got training + mentoring and thus understanding for what I'd been experiencing my whole life.

So here I am. So stinkin excited to share my passion and my life's work with you.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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