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About Scary Mysteries

  • If 1.5% of our subscribers donated just $1/month then this goal would be met.
  • We are dying to create more content! That’s an absolute fact and we want to put out more videos every week, heck if we can do them daily we will. But we don’t want to put out crappy videos and you don’t want to watch said crappy videos. Scary Mysteries is a 3 person team of myself, Valerie our writer and Paulo our editor. It takes a lot of time effort and $$ to make these videos every week and unfortunately we get little support fro youtube because of the genre we're in, so we don't make very much from advertisements. So any support from you helps and is much appreciated, the more we can get then the more videos we can produce. 
  • Youtube demonetizes most of our videos. I'm not crying about, it's just a fact. So weather you enjoy the content we create or other Scary and Mysterious channels, it’s important to support us. Without you we can’t go above and beyond since youtube no longer supports this kind of content. A little over half of the videos we create get demonetized by youtube for one reason or another. They never tell you why exactly but if it has to do with murder, cults and even ghosts (all the fun stuff) then it will most likely be demonetized. The result of this is that youtubers like myself are forced to play it safer, sensor our content and this just creates blander videos across the board when you get down to it. Basically youtube wants to be like the Disney channel and chances are if you’re reading this then that ain't what you want.  So if we entertain you please consider chucking us a $1 each month, that’s less then a freakin pack of gum.

$379 of $3,500 per month
This would help us be able to branch out and create more content. Not just more content, but videos that push the boundaries and are uncensored. We will no longer have to bow down to youtube and their advertisers and keep our videos 'safe'. We will blow your minds into bolivian! 
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