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Truly there are few things that make me happier than maps.  Whether I'm reading, studying, drawing, folding, or even discussing maps I'm at peace.  The other things that I am equally passionate about to a slightly lesser degree are creating languages, writing histories, designing flags, emblems, seals and anything really that goes into building a feasible and realistic world of which a map can describe.

The worlds I build here for my patrons will be for many different purposes, whether they be just for fun, commissions for one of you, or one of my own worlds for my novels, I wish to share what I make for you and hope you might also contribute to my future creations.

So please, become a patron and support me in my impassioned journey to bring to life the worlds hidden in my brain as well as the brains of my patrons.
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Once I make it to one hundred dollars, I'll know there's at least some interest in what I'm doing and it will invigorate me to continue with my passion.  At which point I'll add more tiers of Rewards.
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