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Hey there, if you're reading this, you've probably read some of my fics before on either tumblr, AO3, or even wattpad! I created this patreon because while I have a job, affording anything outside university (where all of my money goes even with federal aid) is really hard. I created this so people would have the chance to get consistent content from me at a small fee and a possibility to commission me monthly!
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the poor duck club
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lmao guess you guys got no BILLS

(just kidding literally even a dollar a month is amazing!!!)

Official supporter!

  • Able to see my fics before they're posted anywhere (usually a week in advance)
  • Really bad duck puns
  • Have my infinite love <3
scrooge mcduck
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Wowzer lookie here we got one rich duck

Next step supporter!

  • Entered in lottery for a long fic (2.5k or more)
  • Able to ask for a small (under 1k) fic a month
  • Plus all previous rewards
$0 of $30 per month
I'll make more tiers so you guys are able to request longer fics and will eventually be able to commission entire fics!
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