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We are Whirlwind Studios, a team of four students, who want to make everyday school life easier.
Currently we are creating School1, an independent school manager for classes.
With School1 you can create Assignments and Events and share them immediately with your classmates.
The App is available in GooglePlay and soon as a Webversion and is planned for iOS.

The App can also be used in English.

But how does it work?

When you download the app you will have to log into an institution, like a school.
To sign your school up for School1 you will have to contact us via E-Mail and we will add you after the verification of your request immediately.

German Introduction

Thank for being interested in School1 and we would appreciate any help.

$0 of $25 per month
To be completely independent of our own money.

How this will affect you?
It's our philosophy to keep everything free for you and for us, while being able to use fundamental third-party services to create a great App!
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