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About ScienceAF

Science Art Fusion (or ScienceAF for short) is my weird little company I started this year.

Through it, I plan cool science events, like Solve for X, the science-themed variety show featuring professional performers doing acts inspired by actual scientific papers. 

I also provide professional creative and performing arts training to the science community.

I've already created some workshops on how to bring narrative, game design, and marketing practices into your outreach. I'm working on an online class and downloadable guides that will help science communicators draw experience from the worlds of performing arts, creative writing, and professional comedy.

You can learn more about all that here:

Here are some of the benefits you can get as a patron (these vary by support level):

Random Wrap-ups
Every so often, I'm going to post an update including anecdotes from my adventures in creating and running ScienceAF. I'll list out a bunch of things I'd recommend, some of which are applicable to science communication, but most of which are just very enjoyable experiences, articles, songs, and food items.

Green Room Guides (Coming Soon)
Even if you never plan to step foot on stage or screen, you can learn a lot from the professionals who make theatre and films happen. Each of these guides focuses on the skills, knowledge and best practices a single artist has gained over their career. Each guide then goes over potential applications these nuggets of wisdom have in the world of science communication.

ScienceAF Essential Guides (Coming Soon)
Want to know how to run a DIY Improv day for you and your co-workers? Do you want to not only know how to use a microphone but also how to troubleshoot common audio-visual problems? Would your life be so much easier if you had a simple-to-follow set of steps to keep every event you plan on time and running smooth? These in-depth guides will walk you through the steps you need to be a rockstar of communication.

Patron Webinars (Coming Soon)
As a patron, you'll have a chance to attend special 1-hour webinars on topics chosen by you!

And more to come!

Right now, Patron rewards are a bit spotty, as I'm working to get some sort of a reasonable workflow going. Starting a company is weird, and there are a lot of moving parts and heaps and heaps of chaos. I'm also dealing with the fun added bonus of trying to manage my PTSD during all of this. Please, be patient with me! Mostly, being a ScienceAF Patron is about supporting the beginning of something, and putting your faith in my dream to make this project a kick-ass reality!


About me:

I'm a writer, performer, and science communicator with over eight years of experience. I've created a science variety show that has toured all over the east coast (and been to Canada!). I've been published by HowStuffWorks, Southern Fried Science, TEDx, McSweeneys, National Lampoon, Weekly Humorist, Redbook, and more.

I've worked with: Smithsonian, Leidos, Georgia Tech, The Society For Conservation Biology, Atlas Obscura, The Science Festival Alliance, Dragon Con, Geek Girl Con, Nerd Nite, Atlanta Science Festival, Story Collider, and more.

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