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What is PYBOSSA?

PYBOSSA is an extremely flexible and versatile software with a multitude of applications that adapt to each specific case facilitating many of the daily tasks that take place in research environments such as museums, art galleries, heritage institutions, libraries of any kind, market research companies, hospitals, universities and all those organisations that manage data or require information from their customers/users -such as airports, shopping malls, banks, hotel chains, etc.

PYBOSSA’s simplicity consists in its easy adjustment to any areas using any of the available templates, this way every customer can then adapt it to their own needs.

This is possible thanks to PYBOSSA our technology that has allowed the creation of a multitude of multidisciplinary research projects ranging from humanitarian aid to the study of how gravity affects antimatter, cancer research, the study of light pollution or the creation of databases for prehistoric objects, just to name a few.

PYBOSSA’s simplicity consists in its easy adjustment to any areas using any of the available
templates, this way every customer can then adapt it to their own needs.

PYBOSSA integrates with other data collection products such as the low-cost computer Raspberry
Pi and its sensors (camera, infrared camera, etc.), Amazon S3, Twitter, Google Spreadsheets, Youtube, Flickr, EpiCollect+ (a mobile application to capture data with mobile phones’ sensors (camera, microphone, GPS, etc.). Through all these integrations PYBOSSA allows data capture for further analysis made by users in a transparent and easy way.
Furthermore, we provide for free our PYBOSSA Server Crowdcrafting.

What is Crowdcrafting?

Crowdcrafting is an open science platform, born with the idea of democratizing research and bringing science closer to people, encouraging society to initiate their own research projects.

Crowdcrafting allows dividing a project into many several sets of well-defined tasks so that a variety of people -professionals, citizens, onlookers, can analyze large amounts of data in a short amount of time.  With this, we have a very effective method that produces results as reliable as those produced by traditional research methods at a much economic cost.

Through Crowdcrafting, we provide open source tools for anyone - researchers, amateurs or citizens, so that whoever wishes to do so can set up their own research project within a matter of minutes - without having to develop a single line of code, to analyze or enrich large amounts of data. And anyone can contribute to it.

Our aim?
To bring people and science closer together

Crowdcrafting is a free public server funded, to date, by the Shuttleworth Foundation - a foundation offering grants to projects based on free software.

Why have we joined Patreon?

Because we would like to ask for your help cover the costs of our servers and keep developing PYBOSSA.

Each registered user, each project, each task and each result take up space on our servers. And this space has a cost.

We are looking for patrons that would like to be actively involved in Crowdcrafting’s research projects whilst helping us cover its costs, as well as helping us to keep developing PYBOSSA technology, the core of Crowdcrafting.  
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With this support we are able to focus more on improving our technologies instead of spending most of the time on looking for the partners.

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